Mana Amaravati Film – Showcasing the Glorious Legacy

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Amaravati – the glorious fount of unfailing resilience – the once great ancient capital called Dharanikota that had seen the rise and fall of empires. The city that stood the test of time, regardless of adversities and obstacles thrown across its way. Amaravati is once again the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, repeating the rich history and paving prospects for the people in the state.

‘Mana Amaravati’ film by Capital Region Development Authority, AP, brings to you some of the finest facets of the city. The new capital that is set to enter the league of top metropolis is all about abundance, prosperity, greenery and nourishment. The video particularly showcases the life and the way of livelihood of the modest people here. Simplicity and regal attributes thrown in together to make the new capital of AP stand like a testament of sorts.

Amaravati means a hundred things to the people who live there and another thousand rays of hope to the entire state of Andhra Pradesh. The surreal fact that once mighty ancient city will be now resurrected again to become one of the finest metropolis in India. People all over are waiting to see the magic happen.

Savour, cherish the richness of the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Mana Amaravati by all means!!




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