Largest Brahma Kumaris Centre Outside Mount Abu to Bless Amaravati

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Brahma Kumaris, the globally recognized spiritual center has requested for 25 acres of land in Amaravati. Andhra Pradesh state government had sanctioned 10 acres of land so far. The religious movement that has changed the lives of billions is set to bless the people’s capital of sunrise state.

The headquarters of Brahma Kumaris are at Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Each year, Brahma Kumaris sees millions of people joining them to derive peace and meditation. The university that operates on the principles of self, supreme soul, karma, cycle of time and new golden age emphasizes on the importance of Aatma and the worship of Shiv Baba. Brahma Kumaris propagate the cyclical nature of soul that incarnates and reincarnates via various bodies in order to fulfill its Karma.

Brahma Kumaris do not believe in idol worship. Their practices make people achieve clarity, strength and attachment of detachment, a must need to cope with emotional tribulations of life.



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