Historic ‘Test’ Comes To The Vizag City!!

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Long wait is indeed over for the cricket frenzy city of Vizag. What was being awaited since a decade is finally coming true. Vizagites are overjoyed today, as the first historic test match between India and England is played in the city’s ACA-VDCA cricket stadium.

Visakhapatnam has hosted 11 ODIs so far, and has been long waiting to host the test series on the ground. The efforts of General Secretary of ACA G Gangaraju paid off, and the best of the test matches has been allotted to the Vizag ACA-VDCA stadium at last.

For the cricket lovers, this is indeed a landmark moment. The local fans will easily consider this match to be one of the greatest picks happening on the home ground. Vizagites are known to worship cricket, as much as any other happening metro in the country. Come IPL and World Cup, the GVMC stadium is often seen chock a block with local fans cheering for their on-field heroes.

There is no doubt that today’s test match between India and England will bring great joy and celebration to the city.



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