Golden Curtain To Jyesthabhishekam

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Curtains closed down on the three-day annual Jyesthabhishekam in Tirumala on a grand note yesterday. Kalasa Snanam ( bath using sacred waterpot) was performed on the processional deities on the final day of the event, in a follow up to Snapana Tirumanjanam which had the deities being bathed with the likes of milk, curd, honey, turmeric paste and sandal paste.

Jye1 Golden Curtain To Jyesthabhishekam

The evening saw the deities being adorned with the ‘Golden Armour’, which shall only be removed in the holy month of Jyestha, which is expected to fall in the month of June or July, next year.

Amidst a large gathering of devotees, the ritual was also graced by the TTD Chairman Dr Ch Krishnamurthy, Tirumala, JEO Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju, Temple DyEO Sri Chinnamagari Ramana, Board Member Sri AV Ramana and Peishkar Sri R Selvam.

Jye3 Golden Curtain To Jyesthabhishekam

Jyesthabhishekam has continued to be an annual ritual to honour the god with a protective shield of armour, who guards us against the evil in Kaliyuga. Since the shield is called Abhidhyeyakam, the festival is popularly known among devotees as Abhidhyeyaka Abhishekam as well.



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