Five Adorable Vizag Slangs That Are Super Cool

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Vizag – the name rings a fine bell of warmth, humidity in the air, flowing sea breeze that envelops the entire city and most importantly, that non judgmental unconditional love of the people there. You get this unique sense of belonging to the place no matter where you are originally from.

Out of all the fine things from Visakhapatnam, the most adorable part comes right from the voices around – that catchy Vizag slang which gets rubbed on you the minute you have settled there. People talk in a typical accent, making you wonder and process that information for a while. And once you get the slang right, there is no way you can shake it off from your own list of favorites.

Vizag slang is all about stylish reductions, just like the way Americans have reduced those long elaborate words. You are hooked to these reductions and they tend to dominate your own Telugu thereafter!!

From Beach Road to Akkayapalem, from Seethammadaara to MVP Colony, here are some adorable slangs that come out of people’s everyday chatter.

1. “Mareyti Ledu”

Yes, an abridged version of “Maremi Ledu” in actual Telugu, the phrase is either used at the beginning of a sentence or at the end. Often referred to as ‘nothing else’, Mareyti Ledu is usually added to start a topic or just reply to a question. Sometimes, it is also added to a long rhetoric of reproach, while correcting someone or expressing a rather strong view..

2. “Bongem Kaadu?”

You’ve heard it right. Bongu seems to be a favorite addition of Vizag people. Bamboo or Bongu automatically makes its way into conversations, to lighten it up and look cool. Bongem Kaadu is usually applied while listening to someone else’s bullshit. Its a direct way of saying – “What bullshit man!!” or “Cut the crap now, you are trolling” kinds. Cool, Huh!!

3. “Officer Ki Amma Mogudu”

Now, this one is my personal favorite. Call it the icon slang. At first, i could not really understand the phrase. The sentence literally means “Father of some officer”. After much probing and research, i have come to know that it is actually a  very cool way of cussing people on the road. This Cuss word is often used when someone overtakes you on the road in a huge traffic. Or when someone outsmarts you in some way. There is a certain style in which this word should be delivered, else the total essence would be lost.

4. “Nuvvu Keka Maayya”

If the word ‘Macha’ in Chennai and ‘Dude’ elsewhere point to your buddies, it is the word ‘Maayya’ that takes the place among friends in Vizag. The word is actually a reduction of the phrase ‘Maavayya’, meaning related uncle. However, Maayya is referred to the chums and buddies at college, workplace or everyday life. “Nuvvu Keka Maayya” means “You are rocking, dude” or some such, substantiating a silly significant achievement accomplished and regaled.

5. “Happening Sesedhaam”

This is incredibly funny and loved. Sesesdhaam directly means “lets do it”. A fine reduction of ‘Chesedhaam” in Telugu. The phrase is often used to plan something exciting, like a getaway with friends or loved ones, or achieve something collectively. People often love hearing and saying the phrase, making a lazy excuse to add a special mention!

These and many more, the slang and phrases of Mana Vizag continue to steal hearts and garner admiration in the coolest of ways. The people of Vizag zing up any atmosphere. Period.



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