Five Things That You Should Know About International Fleet Review

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A naval fleet review is a matter of pride of the respective country. For Indian Navy, International Fleet Review is nothing short of an accomplishment. A long standing tradition that talks about the greatness of our naval forces. An event like Fleet Review actually showcases the best of our naval resources, spirit of loyalty and allegiance to the entire world. Vizag is truly blessed in that sense, as the headquarters of the eastern naval command sees state of the art international fleet reviews as and when they happen.

Here are Five Things That You Should Know about an International Fleet Review

It is was originally conceptualised to inspect ‘Readiness’

Though looks more like a grand celebration now, an international fleet review was typically an inspection of readiness for sea battles during the olden days. These reviews slowly transcended to become a celebratory demonstration of victory, joining the friendly allies on the sea waters. India also boasts of a maritime tradition that dates back to the Vedic ages.

Was Inspired from the British

Our naval fleet review has been largely inspired from the British, when they ruled us for over 100 years. Britain’s own first fleet review was in 1415, when Henry the Fifth inspected his fleet before embarking on a war with France. Slowly and steadily, India fetched its own identity with a strong naval base post-independence. From then on, the eastern naval command had been hosting and conducting several fleet reviews along with the country’s allies.

Is Reviewed by the President of India

The President of India is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, as it is well known. He reviews the Fleet at least once during his tenure in the position. After a 21-gun salute, the President embarks on the Presidential Yacht, which is distinguished from the rest with a prestigious Asoka Emblem. The Yacht will steam past an admirable array of ships belonging to both Indian and Merchant Navies of the Coast Guard, symbolizing country’s robust maritime strength.

Ten Fleets have Taken Place in India since Independence

Exactly ten Fleets have taken place in India so far since 1947, and this year would be the 11th International Fleet Review. The first Fleet review was held in 1953, and the last that was held was in the year 2011.

Is Represented With White Ceremonial Uniforms

During the Fleet Review, each ship is manned by the company, who are dressed in white ceremonial uniforms. At one moment, white caps are also doffed in unison with a grand salutation. Three ‘Jai’ s will resound in the air over the waves, carrying a loyal promise of allegiance from every sailor who represents the country’s Navy. It is a naval sentiment that this bond will carry them through the adversities in a real combat.




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