Five Places To Hang Out In Vizag For Dreamers

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Vizag. The city of destiny. Personally, i have a deep rooted attachment with the place despite all the cliche of the movement that happened in the golden era (when we were once young and restless, going for the kill kinds..)

For a compulsive dreamer and a writer, the exact need for the perfect spots springs naturally inside the mind. See, dreamers have this big responsibility on their shoulders. They need to give something back to the world – with their creative outcomes. Moreover, a busy mall with noise or a loud gathering is of no use to some of us.

If you are a writer or an artist, there comes this impulsive craving for pondering over flavorful, insipid and the most nasty in the midst of civilization around. Vizag gives them all, throwing in all kinds of people and places with a poetic painted sea cloth in the backdrop!!

Here are five absolutely perfect places for a dreamer to hang out in the surreal yet superficially busy and innately sleepy Vizag.


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A local friend of mine swore by it and i went along to explore. Thotlakonda cant be restricted to lovers alone! That would be unfair, really. Take your Evernote or the old school diary and write by the silent waves or capture the amazing visuals with your lens. Better yet, if you are a lone dreamer who needs absolutely nothing but just that peaceful calm to day dream, this is just the place.

Pastry Coffee and Conversation

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Adding that subtle Italian sit out touch is a great business strategy. Sitting outside PCC is not only for crazy gangs and their silly gang signs. The setting is apt for creative minds who would just want to stare at people walk by or the the evening sun setting behind those forceful buildings nearby. With a good dose of caramel coffee or latte, preferably.

RK Math

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With meditation open those vivid Chakras of creative urges. Ramakrishna Math helps bring out that inner peace, even when you don’t have a clue about being quite inside that roaring head of yours. Evening times are ideal to just sit outside the Math and gaze at the lost society in front of you, like a connoisseur of human pretenses.

Bheemunipatnam (Bhimli)

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Oh those fishermen! Bhimli has something for everyone. Overpowering smell of fish and the struggling fishermen coupled with scintillating sea water rich in the hues of blue and green. Try making friends in there and checkout those modest mud huts with multiple families residing inside. There is more humanity and warmth within that spruces great sub plots for your novel in progress.

Old Port Area

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Yup. There is more to the port area than film shootings and buying smuggled GAP jackets. Old port area is a living history. The old lighthouse gives a feeling of¬†living in a period drama of some film. There is a sudden transition from color to BnW when you progress into the older part of Vizag city. If this does not give creative inputs, i don’t know what else will.

Sunrise at Tenneti, weekend getaway to Araku, these and many more, do share with us about more unexplored places in Vizag. Ahoy!!




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