Five Malls In Vijayawada That Are Making Urban Noise

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For those from outside who had absolutely no update about what’s happening within the limits of Vijayawada city. Well, there is a lot of noise that has been happening, thanks to the fast growing mall culture. The good old Bezawada is no longer a destination for just Indrakeeladri or Prasakam Barrage. There is a fast track urban lifestyle that is growing its way up with spruced up and swanky malls.

Here are the five popular malls in Vijayawada that are making quite a noise with growing patrons and affection from the locals, thanks to the touch of metropolis that they give.

PVP Square Mall

PVP Five Malls In Vijayawada That Are Making Urban Noise

One of the firsts to have actually come into the city, PVP Sqaure Mall is located on the Mahatma Gandhi Road, Labbipet. The mall carries a grand reputation of being inaugurated by Master Blaster of cricket Sachin Tendulkar and Tollywood actress Anushka Shetty. Easily chock a block with amazing turnout of visitors, the mall looks swamped throughout the week, particularly weekends. Customers frequently vouch for its great ambiance, expanse and the spread out of branded outlets. It also has Cinepolis movie screens with comfortable seating and pleasant movie viewing experience. PVP Square Mall is also the biggest in the city, with great spaces that can accomodate people without reaching to the point of suffocation.

Google Rating -4.4 on 5

LEPL Centro Mall

LEPL Five Malls In Vijayawada That Are Making Urban Noise

One of the coolest malls, LEPL is the recent add to the city’s urban bling. Also located on MG Road, LEPL attracts a decent crowd despite being smaller as compared to PVP. Costlier and reflecting the taste of the upmarket segment, LEPL is often considered to be small yet cosy for chilling out purposes. Aside from the fact that left out crowd from PVP often flock to LEPL, this mall garners select audience from the plush and the tasteful. Ideal for shopping high end brands.

Google Rating – 4.4 on 5
Ripples Mall
Ripples Five Malls In Vijayawada That Are Making Urban Noise

Still smaller than LEPL, Ripples is the average man’s respite, though a lot of work is still to be done to improvise the consumer experience. A high class movie viewing for just 75 bucks is a steal deal for most middle class families. A lot is also anticipated in the coming days from the visitors who form its loyal turnout on the weekends.

Google Rating – 3.8 on 5
Trendset Mall
Trendset Five Malls In Vijayawada That Are Making Urban Noise

Like a trend setter, the new Trendset Mall in Bezawada makes the bigger sharks sweat it out. Though not as grand as PVP, Trendset generates revenues that give chills to its competition in the area. The mall has most branded outlets, a food court and a multiplex, and is a great go to for an average family that wants to catch a quick movie and dinner over the weekends. Weekdays, one can see that its all about dating!!

Google Rating – 4.1 on 5
LEPL-Icon Five Malls In Vijayawada That Are Making Urban Noise

Not there but getting there, we may say. The ICON Mall is a saviour for the residents at close proximity to Benz Circle. Though not still in the game with other counterparts in the league, the ICON mall is slowly deriving traction for its gaming and food court.

Google Rating – 3.9 on 5

So, that’s the list so far, folks. The next time you are in Vijayawada, throw a surprise to your local friends there by mentioning these malls and wanting to go along to visit, It’s worth all the curiosity.




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