‘Devlok’ Will Now Settle in Tirupati

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Yes, imagine Devlok, the holy abode of Gods transcending on to the Earth and sharing their space with mere mortals. Imagine that happening in the greatest holy destination like Tirupati. Devlok is set to settle down and make Tirupati as its base. We may not be talking about the real heaven here, but the new and upcoming Sri Haridham looks like a surreal truth that is close to the concept of Vaikuntam (heaven) in the Hindu mythology.

Sri Haridham, world’s first mythological theme park is being developed under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model with the Department of Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture of Government of AP. The venture that is referred to as Devlok is being developed by Vaishnovi Versatile Ventures Private Limited will turn out to be the biggest ever theme park in India and Asia. The project is being proposed to come up on an expanse of 38 acres of land that is in Alipiri, the sacred foothills of Tirumala. This park will have the capacity to welcome and host close to 12,000 tourists every day.

Devlok, Sri Haridham, is the first of its kind unique theme park that will have facilities that are inclined to devotion, business, recreation, tourism and leisure, Sri Haridham is bound to take one back in time and reunite mind and soul with the ancient establishments. Healthcare, entertainment and amusement will also be incorporated into the project that is aimed at tourists, students, corporate, NRIs and Indian families.

Taking the essence of spirituality to the next level

Sri Haridham will be first of the parks that will collaborate sense of spirituality with sophistication and urban living. Technology will be utilized fully to ensure the divine connect with the masses.The grandeur and serenity of worshiping Lord Venkateswara will be felt in the medium of entertainment. Sri Haridham will prove to be a comforting and soothing getaway for those seek peace.

Some of the exciting features of the theme park

Great Temples of India

image-4 'Devlok' Will Now Settle in Tirupati

Pushpaka Vimanam – a 3 Star Hotel

image-14 'Devlok' Will Now Settle in Tirupati

Water Park

Amusement and Spirituality Centres

image-5 'Devlok' Will Now Settle in Tirupati

Temple Scapes

image-6 'Devlok' Will Now Settle in Tirupati

Divya Desam tower

image-7 'Devlok' Will Now Settle in Tirupati

Dashavataralu 10 D Theatre

image-8 'Devlok' Will Now Settle in Tirupati

Sri Venkateswara Greatness Ride

image-9 'Devlok' Will Now Settle in Tirupati

Temple Architecture Museum

Hari Om Convention Hall

image-12-1 'Devlok' Will Now Settle in Tirupati

image-13 'Devlok' Will Now Settle in Tirupati


Dhanvantari – Ayurvedic Health Centre

image-10 'Devlok' Will Now Settle in Tirupati




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