Britain Conveys Intent to Invest in Amaravati

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Brexit is the buzz word these days. Great Britain has now officially exited from the EU, but the land of the queen now shows its clear interest in the new capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Noise was made when the British High Commissioner Sir Dominic Asquith made his way to Vijayawada yesterday to meet with CM. Asquith made an impressionable presentation on UK’s likely involvement in upscaling and developing Amaravati’s infrastructure.

Sir Asquith clarified that Britain was completely willing to raise investments into urban transport planning towards building of Amaravati. Discussing high level plans with the CM, the High Commissioner said that they were now encouraging the British private sector to invest in Amaravati.

Asquith iterated on the strong points of Britain that would largely benefit Amaravati if there was a collaboration – scope is high with skill development, IT, medical services, and infrastructure if Britain came into the arena.

“We want to help Andhra Pradesh in improving the rank in the ease of doing business. The U.K. once slipped, but then soon recovered and went up from 11 to 6 in rankings. We would like to share that experience and Andhra Pradesh can also draw experience from this,” he said.

Mr. Naidu heard the plans and shared that Amaravati is envisioned as a futuristic city, deigning to become one of the best 10 cities in the world. CM shared plans of the state to keep working on tapping the best of talents to come and work on the capital city and state related projects.

“We are bringing in the world’s best educational institutions to our State to make it an educational hub. Andhra Pradesh will soon emerge as a tourism and health care hub,” he said.

“The King’s College Hospital project in collaboration with the U.K. is at an advanced stage, and we are clearing the proposal for land soon,” CM added.

More updates are awaited on this front.




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