Awareness Campaign On Road Safety For Schools In Vizag

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In an attempt to educate the young school going children about the need to comply with traffic rules and road safety, the Visakhapatnam traffic police have scheduled awareness programs in schools. The department has listed out calendar to organize about the awareness in each school.

To cope with reaching out to all the schools in the city, the campaign will run this year and the next and after, so that understanding about road safety gets effectively conveyed to the children all over. “We have asked the VUDA to revive the Traffic Park and it will become functional soon. That would help us improve traffic education in the city” said K Prabhakar, ADCP of Traffic Police, Visakhapatnam.

“Road users should understand that roads are meant for carriageway and parking is allowed only in the areas with parking sign. Wrongly parked vehicles pose a threat to every other road user” he said.

There is also a strict need to comply with the temporary barricades that have been placed with a purpose on the roads of Vizag. They have been marked at various points to bring down speeding of the vehicles and create safety for the pedestrians on the roads. Lot of such issues were identified and actively discussed at the TAP rehabilitation center for accident victims yesterday.

Dilip Patro, Director, The Ability People also concurs with the need for awareness on the road safety. The Ability people actively works for the rehabilitation of accident victims, and continues to create an exhaustive campaign for road safety along with Vizag traffic police.




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