Araku Coffee to Become The Most Relished Beverage of Paris!!

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To think of a simple entity from Araku making a global foray is a matter of pride for Andhra Pradesh. Araku Coffee, the famous top quality coffee grown in the scenic Araku valley is going to become the most relished beverage in Paris very soon.

This modest agri enterprise had risen from simple beginnings and a genuine mission – to grow and offer best coffee to the people. Tribals from Araku region have worked very hard to establish an entity supported by investors from the world of business. Their hard work and vision have paid off and how.

Araku Coffee’s first store will be soon launched in Paris. Four of India’s finest Business leaders and Gurus – Anand Mahindra of Mahindra& Mahindra, Kris Gopalakrishnan of Infosys, Satish Reddy of Dr Reddy’s and Rajendra Prasag Maganti of Soma Enterprise have joined up to make this dream a reality.

What this means for the tribal community of Araku

An international presence is not just an outstanding feat, but a sign of great tidings for the 150 tribal communities who are living in the region under Maoists. This is a huge leap in terms of seeking out more prospects and options rather than struggling only with limited forest produce.

What makes Araku Coffee so Special?

The coffee in itself is a uniqueness in taste and texture. Somehow, Araku grown coffee continues to be a stand out as compared to some of the leading brands. The rich aroma and taste is something consumers can vouch for. The quality of produce truly belongs to rule in an international league.

AP government had classified Araku region as an agency area, creating special developmental and funding plan for locals. Tribals here are allowed to use the land owned by the government and earn from the tilling. Only recently, the produce has been taken to a larger scale by the locals. A giant leap had been taken from 1000 acres to 20,000.

As per the four business leaders above, Araku coffee will be sold under five variants, with the most expensive stock priced around Rs 7,000 per kilogram. The premium quality of the coffee makes it eligible for higher margins of profit and totally world class.

Earlier a non profit establishment backed by Naandi Foundation, Araku Coffee is a brain child of state CM N Chandrababu Naidu and founder of Dr Reddy’s, Anji Reddy.



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