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Marking the 93rd birth anniversary of Shri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, Kosta Life takes a great pride in unveiling our first official logo of Andhra Pradesh – Sunrise State.

The logo has been designed keeping in mind certain great cultural, historic, geographical associations with the flourishing and shining state of Andhra.

Here are a few snapshots of the components of the Logo Icons:


The rising capital city of New Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati translates to a simple concept – “The Town Lives Forever”. A commanding historic region between Krishna and Godavari rivers, Amaravati stands out in the history as the central foothold of the Buddhist existence in Andhra since 2nd Century B.C
Three Rivers

Andhra is bestowed with the mighty river systems of Krishna, Godavari and Penna – the waters that nurture and uplift the state’s overall well being.

Coastal Area

Andhra’s coastal line is a matter of pride, with a coast line of 960 kilometers, known as the second largest coastline in India

Telugu Talli

Eternal symbol of the motherland of Telugus

Tirumala Tirupati

One of the world’s biggest pilgrim destinations, the lord Venkateshwara’s temple on the hills of Tirumala is not just the richest, but also blesses the people of Andhra with peace, success and prosperity.


The temple in a village located near Ananthapur District


Idea Behind the Logo Elements

1) The Yellow Golden Sky, Rising Sun to grab the world or giving light to everybody’s life

2) Amaravati Stupa with Buddha statue : The New Capital of Andhra Pradesh

3) Hi-rise buildings – Expertise of the Singapore Government designing the New Capital of AP state

4) Telugu Talli – The Mother of Telugus/ Language

5) Lepakshi & Tirupathi is main icons of the state/ Tourist places of the state

6) Three waves symbolic of Three Rivers ( KRISHNA, GODAVARI & PENNA)

7) Blue Colour is a Coastal Area( Bay of Bengal), India’s second largest

8) AP Map in Green colour –  Andhra means Green crops, Greenery, Annadatha

9) The logo in a circle – The circle always depicts globe/world and completeness

10) The Sunrise State font – The young, vibrant, modern and free flow.



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