This Amazing Capture Reflects True Soul of Vizag

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This striking image of Vizag takes the feeling to a whole new level!

Visakhapatnam, a poetry in more than thousand words – the city of coastal beauty, undying spirit and modest people. One of the most cherished cities of Andhra, Vizag has been timelessly depicted in the form of odes and visuals. And why not, the city radiates such an amount of charisma. Words often fall short to describe it, so sometimes capturing the essence with lens becomes very important.

Precisely what this picture shot by well known photographer Navin Bahirwani speaks of – class, elegance and unspoken emotions. Vizag has the grit of an unsung warrior who stands and fights Tsunamis with a smile. The very ground and sky emit inner strength and magnanimity.

17309153_1424983957522790_1836025345534306688_n This Amazing Capture Reflects True Soul of Vizag

Navin expresses the emotion in his own words – “The place where i stood to take the picture is one of the fishing villages. Though there was filth and garbage on the shore, the emotion in macro level got captured into my frame from where I stood. Vizag is an amazing city and i wish the place was cleaner where more people could come and get a great view” he shares

Vizag, the city of destiny, truly.



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