Amaravati To Get ‘Astana’ Like Mixed Zones

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CM N Chandrababu Naidu is clearly smitten with the city of Astana. During his recent tour to Russia and Kazhakstan, the CM was hugely mesmerized with the uncanny resemblances both the cities share, in terms of looks and positioning by the riverside. Mr Naidu was so convinced that he had even closed talks with the Mayor to collaborate during the process of developing the new capital city Amaravati.

To this effect, Mr Naidu has already started making amends to the existing plan of new capital city. Earlier, the plan was to seclude all the government buildings at one point so that there is a clear cut space to the working of the administration. Now, the CM is seriously considering a ‘Mixed’ zone instead.

All work and no play may not fetch the requisite results with the earlier plan. If one has to go by the looks and urbanization of Astana, all the important buildings related to governance have been positioned in such a way that they are in the premises where many activities are also around. There are residential as well as commercial complexes that surround the govt buildings in Astana.

Likewise, the state govt is planning to add more color and noise to the zone where all the govt buildings are being set up. Residential and commercial spaces will become a part of the plan with the new update. A road map is being prepared to bring together the association of Astana with Amaravati. For this, the CM and the Mayor have decided to set up a working group of 5 members who will extensively focus on the development part. Mr Naidu is also said to have been clearly impressed with the parking system that exists in Astana. There, all the offices house an underground parking and no vehicles are allowed to be parked in front of any office premises.

Looks like Astana will have a real positive impact on the planning of Amaravati.



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