Amaravati – New Venice of the East

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The new fount for Andhra’s future, Amaravati, the next big capital city will be one of the finest, going by the surreal combination of resources and envisioning to create a global destination.

There is much more to the upcoming capital city. Plans are in line to customize the natural resources and surroundings of river Krishna to develop and offer the people a state of the art urban destination that will be a sight for the sore eyes.

New Venice Of The East – On the Banks of Krishna

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Spread out on a vast stretch of 214 square kilometers, Andhra’s new Sunrise City becomes three times the size of Vijayawada in terms of its expanse. Located on the banks of river Krishna, the city which was once the ancient capital ruled by powerful dynasties of Satavahanas and Ikshavakus turns out to be the new Venice of the East.

Looking at the plan as above, the treatment of river Krishna to outline various spots for the residents into theme parks, waterfront residential and Ghats makes the city an ideal location to settle or retire.

Amaravati is built using the latest green cities concept , applying the most up to date concepts of environment friendliness. This is going to make the future capital of Andhra Pradesh a viable nature friendly entity. City revelers can look forward to the one of the finest garden cities of India.

Turning The Tide – Amaravati Is a Perfect Setting For Tourism

From years, the rich heritage of Andhra prospered on the shoulders of fertile land, resources, water and minerals. Amaravati turns out to be a perfect setting to establish the new modern capital city, something that millions of Telugu people can look up to in the days to come.

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Massive planning in the areas of establishing environment rich canal parks, main central park, golf course, cricket stadium and waterfronts will create the place the city of interest for the tourists and the residents alike. The locals of the current establishment are in for a greater development that helps benefit both sides of population, urban and rural.

New Amaravati would be a city of interconnecting canals like Venice, where in we can travel from one point to another point in a boat. This comes as a refreshing development, with a feel of old delving into the new.


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Way Forward – Amaravati Travel Itinerary, Explained

Let us consider the progress going at par with what was laid out as per the Master Plan for the new city. Amaravati will not only be an ideal business and urban destination for the city dwellers and job seekers, it would also be a monumental travel spot.

A few years down the line , the itinerary to the new capital at Amaravati will be something like this

5:30 to 6:30 am – Darshan of Godess Kanakadurga

6:45 am – Pick up a water taxi from Durga Ghat and proceed to one of the many island resorts in the Krishna river for breakfast.

7:00 to 8:00 am – Break Fast

8:00 am – Take a water taxi to Amaravati, admiring beautiful capital buildings and parks to your left and island resorts, amusement parks in the islands of Krishna to your right.

8:45 to 11:00 – Visit Amareshwara temple , Main Stupa , and Museums in Amaravati

11:00 – Take a water taxi to Amusement park on the Island

11:30 to 3:00 – Enjoy the rides in the amusement park

3:00 Take a water taxi to Ananthavaram lake, enter the capital near Rayapudi , travel on the canal through the capital, have a Darshan at Ananthavaram temple.

4:00 proceed to Neerukonda reservoir on water taxi , play a round of golf or take a trip to the famous Mangalagiri temple.

6:30 Proceed to your hotel by water taxi admiring the well lit buildings on the eastern side of the capital on a canal that joins the Krishna river near Prakasam barrage. Proceed to your island resort by the Krishna river

In addition to the massive reservoir formed by Prakasam barrage with numerous islands in between , the new city of Amaravati will boast of a 80 km network on canals and reservoirs within the city. Total area of the capital covered by water is 11.5 sq km , that is 3% of the total area.

In addition to this there will be 79 sq km of green cover , which is 21% of the total area making it the greenest city in India.

This is the basic idea in mind, going by the progress made on least parameters. Amaravati had been chosen as a right choice, enamoring the once magnanimous capital into a future perfect metropolis.




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