Rome Was Not Built in A Day, Amaravati is Still Better Off

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Amaravati is setting a more parallel and modern example.

Rome was not built in a day. The most famously used proverb has been stated countless number of times by people all over the world to convey that great things are never accomplished in a single day. Some of the greatest civilizations like that of Rome were built on the foundation of wars, disbelief, turmoil and extreme toil. Amaravati, the ancient capital city of Andhra is being reinstated one more time to its former glory. Only, the situation is not as grave as that of Rome. The people’s capital is picking the fallen pieces, fighting many atrocities and scaling inch by inch.

While Rome remains to be the greatest civilization that was ever formed in the world right after the Egyptian, Amaravati is setting a more parallel and modern example. The history of the ancient Dharanikota may not be repeated in its exact sense, but Amaravati is going on a path of setting an example that was never there before – rising from the ground to become of the world’s greatest capital cities.

The steady inception of operations at the new secretariat at Velagapudi has jump started the founding of working class civilization that co exists with the farmers of the region. Regular sightings of government officials going for their daily morning jogs in the freeze breeze of Amaravati expanse proves only one thing – a whole new world is on its way to origination.

The great Rome, once built by Romulus and Remus now stands tall as one of the most modern, fashionable and outstanding destinations of the world. And how did all of that begin? The two brothers started building a city right in between seven hills. After a lot of time and hard work, Rome was established with a basic structure that housed people, livelihood and prospects.

Originally a small town on the banks of Tiber, Rome started small and began to expand on all sides. In the midst of cynics, plunderers and excruciating battles, Rome flourished like no other. The location of the city enabled traders to find an easy waterway to channel their goods. These waterways should ring a bell, reminding us of the islands of Amaravati.

Unlike ancient Rome that has no access or exposure to technology, Amaravati continues to empower itself each passing day. Soon enough, there will be a whole new civilization constituting of tourists, settlers and dwellers.

Great cities are often built on the foundation of grand dreams. Despite of all the mockery of the master plan that is being referred to as a ‘graphic representation’ of one man, Amaravati is a reality waiting to happen.



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