5 Things You Should Never Say To A Guy From Rajahmundry

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“Rajahmundry!! Our family is from Rajahmundry. I grew up there. Rajahmundry is out of this world”

And so on.

Yes, you will hear these words precisely from any person hailing from the prime landmark in East Godavari. For the city breds who have been numbed enough with the “East Side West Side” confusion near Godavari, a guy from Rajahmundry will shake you up from your reverie and give you more than just a trivia. He will give you an entire episode of the National Geographic Channel. We can also safely add that such a documentary will win awards.

Okay now, back to where we were. This is not to offend anybody. A subtle humor laden with experiences interacting with people from Rajahmundry. Now, folks from East Side (Yo!!) are sporty enough when it comes to their spirit. Let’s hit it!!

Five Things You Dare Not Say To A  Person From Rajahmundry

“Where is Rajahmundry?”

The first and the most basic one. When you run into a guy from Rajahmundry, understand that this is not just about the place. Its about the sum total of all his memories there. So, as soon as he or she says that they are from the East Side (Yo!!.. again), use the sensibilities of your smart phone. Access Google Maps or whatever maps and track the location. Smile at the asset in front of you and reply – “Great Place!!”. The next question from the other side would obviously be “Do you know where it is?” You will reply – “Ai” (Not aye as in pirate but as in from Andhra ;))

“Rajahmundry Has No Night Life”

Beware! Wars will be waged. Rajahmundry has night life. So don’t you dare say that. Instead, be a little diplomatic and ask where. Please don’t get ahead of yourself thinking that you are a better mortal here. Please NO.

“Oh!! That place known as Kakinada!!”

Again, if you have bunked your geography classes and have been a back bencher, time to upgrade that dull brain of yours. Kakinada is a different place and yes, it also is on the East Side. But then, Kakinada is located 65 kilometers away from Rajahmundry. Please do not generalize locations just like that. Hello, use Wikipedia at the least or get ready for a long discourse on the history and the background. Knock yourself out.

“Rajahmundry is Somewhere in Andhra”

Unless you want the War of the Worlds, please don’t utter this phrase. Heck no, not somewhere in Andhra. Rajahmundry is located at the prime landmark on the banks of river Godavari (East Side Yo!!). If you are on a date with a person from there, please go ahead and say “It was called Rajamahendravaram earlier” and score brownie points. Other than that, don’t be reckless with your sense of direction.

“Next time get me those famous Khajas from Rajahmundry”

This is going to be the point of an ugly spiral down. In fact, i will call it “The end”. Hear – Khajas are popular in Kakinada. Now what is popular in Rajahmundry? I’m still doing that research but was told more than ten things. Pootharekulu (Yum), for one!!

Dedicated To Sarath MurthyRaju, friend and brother from Rajahmundry who drove us all crazy to the point of obnoxious with his many stories!!

PS – Actor Ravi Teja is not from Rajahmundry but Jaggampeta in East Godavari. The image above is for illustrative purposes only.



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