2015 – A Centenary Year of Mahatma Gandhi Setting Foot on Andhra

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Not many know that 2015 marks the centenary year of a great historic incident – Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi setting his foot for the first time on the soil of Andhra. Exactly 100 years ago in 1915, Ahimsavaadi Gandhiji visited Nellore to attend the Chennai Congress Maha Sabha meetings.

Not only that, here are some important dates in the history that mark the frequent visits of Mahatma Gandhi to Andhra thereafter:

Important Historic Dates that Saw Mahatma in Andhra:

1. Gandhiji visited Bezawada in 1919 to participate in Raulat Satyagraha movement. he accepted the warm hospitality of Sri Kaleswarad Rao. He also revisited Bezawada in 1920 en route Calcutt. He presided over the congress meetings in the city that time.

2. March 30. 1921 saw Mahatma praising the commitment and love of the Andhra residents in Bezawada and elsewhere during All India Congress Community Meeting held that time.

3. While propogating the use of Khadi clothes, Mahatma toured Andhra in 1929 and created large mass awareness on the subject.

4. He undertook the crusade of the great Harijana Yatra in Andhra in the year 1933

5. Mahatma paid his visit to the airport established by Sri Gollapudi SitaramaShastry in the year 1937

6. 1946 – just a year before the independence, Gandhiji visited Madras in the month of February and graced many locals of Andhra with his presence on the way of his travel.

Needless to say, Andhra holds a great connect with the Father of the Nation beyond all the historic dates. Let us take a minute to savour and thank the man who gave us freedom from the hundred year rule of British.



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