10 Exciting Facts about The Andhra Capitals That You Never knew

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Andhra region has seen the existence of some of the most remarkable and ancient capitals. These capital regions are not just about the legacy of the kingdoms bygone, they denote strength, battle and resilience. Each capital city had several number districts under its governance.

Destiny or not, call it goes around comes around or whatever, Amaravati, the once shining and prosperous capital of Andhra has a special significance. It would come as no surprise that the new capital city will be once again called with the same name!

Take a look at some of the most exciting facets of Andhra’s ancient capital cities. The facts that will take your breath away, filling in new emotions and revelations.

10 Exciting Facts about The Andhra Capitals That You Never knew

1. Major Capitals and Minor Capitals

They were two kinds of capital regions, major and minor. The old Amaravathi, Chandolu, Nagarjuna Kondaand Vengi formed the major capital regions while Guntur, Vijayawada, Chejarla, Nadendla, Minukonda, Kondapalli, Bhattiprolu and Bellamkonda came under the minor section.

2. The Ancient Capitals Covered 13 District of Andhra Under Various Kingdoms

Yes, that’s true. Amaravathi, Nagarjunakonda, Chandolu (then called Dhanadapura) were all a part of Guntur district and covered as many as 13 districts under the rule of various dynasties.

3. Amaravathi Was The Largest Capital

Among all, Amaravathi was the largest capital during the period of Satavahana dynasty, covering a total of 23 districts of both Andhra and Telangana.

4. Facts about Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA)

The present day CRDA which covers Vijayawada, Guntur, Tenali and Mangalagiri once had most number of capitals back in time. Those capitals include all of the major and minor capitals listed above.

5. NagarjunaKonda and the legacy of Ishwaku Period

Under the rule of the Ishwakus, NagarjunaKonda alone led the governance of 23 capitals of Andhra and Telangana. The city was also the capital when the dynasties of Velanati Cholas flourished.

6. Warangal The Capital City In The Kakatiya Period

Warangal was made the parallel capital city in the Kakatiya period and covered some parts of Telangana such as Rekapalli and Khammam district.

7. Chandragiri was the Capital City during Vijayanagara Dynasty

Chandragiri had only district and that was Rayalaseema, under its governance. Interestingly the dynasty spread out to other states like Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

8. Vijayanagara Dynasty and the Connect with Hampi

Hampi was once the capital of the great Vijayanagara Empire. After the fall of the rule, Andhra came under the rule of Qutub Shahi of Hyderabad. His highness Sadashiva Rayalu was the king of Vijayanagara and Ramarayulu was his minister.

9. The plundered capital city called Vengi

Vengi, which was one of the prime capital cities, was invaded and destroyed by the Kannada rulers Rashtrakutas. The city was burnt down and this led to the formation of Rajamundry as the new capital in its place.

10. Finally, What Goes Around Comes Around

Surreal it sounds, but. Vijayawada formed a major part of the capital region back in time during the rule of the great Vishnukundina dynasty. The city was fortified and reconstructed by Yuddhamalla, one of the Eastern Chanikya Kings. Vijayawada was the capital city for almost ten years back in time.

These are some of the interesting facets of the old capital cities of Andhra. A true testimony of rich history, insight and tolerance against the winds of transformation



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