Young Virat’s First Win as The Captain Touches Nation

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His face beamed with happiness and pride, the kind of joy that you would often see on the face of a high school kid who had just earned his class monitor badge. Virat Kohli, known for his superior talent with bat is now officially the ‘Captain Fantastic’.

This kid who has become an endearment to the country has accomplished his first win as the captain of the squad. Some loved the decision of the BCCI, while few speculated the move – highest contemplation being young Virat’s chances as a captain while still gaining ground as an astounding batsman only next to Sachin Tendulkar. Regardless of what was said and speculated, Kohli pulled off an impeccable win against England last night along with his men. 28 year old Virat scored his 27th century, showcasing a magnificent win.

Everyone watched as Virat made his first decision as a captain to chase, then come on to the ground after an early fall of wickets in the second innings. He had two jobs at hand – score the much needed runs while motivating the homeboy Kedar Jadhav to shoulder on and make runs alongside. The effect was so scintillating that, the young captain and the raw Pune talent put on a striking effort of 200 run partnership, keeping their hold and scoring the much needed mountainous number.

The match also saw some overwhelming moments, when the ex Captain Cool MS Dhoni demanded a review as a force of habit. The 28 year old Virat often looks up to the sheer inspiration called MSD, and that review came out bang on last night.

The first win in the first ODI of India Vs England showered admiration and praise for Kohli. Former skipper of England Nasser Hussain called Virat the Cristiano Ronaldo of cricket. Virat also surpassed master blaster Sachin Tendular’s record of 14 centuries in successful chases with this match.

Way to go, Virat Boy!!



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