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Prajwala, a NGO founded in 1996 by Dr Sunitha Krishnan actively devotes itself to fight human trafficking and forced prostitution. The foundation has been working tirelessly since its inception to eradicate, prevent and fight prostitution in various parts of the country. Prajwala also takes in the victims to rehabilitate them from traumatic experiences in the field of flesh trading. The establishment had worked tremendously, fetching results and restoring lives of many women who have been subjected to the ordeals of forced prostitution.

Currently, Prajwala runs 17 transition centers for women and children in prostitution, crisis counselling centers at police stations, training unit for economic rehabilitation and shelters for the victims. Majority of the women and children subjected to trafficking are HIV positive. The foundation has majority of volunteers who have been victims themselves in the past.

Rescue and Restoration Program (RRP)

The extensive rescue and restoration program at Prajwala meets the four fold objectives: rescue, crisis counselling, home investigations and support the judicial system. A team of director, coordinators and barefoot counsellors go on to conduct these rescue missions. Most of these coordinators being the victims themselves know the nuances of the trafficking process, suspicious areas, marking prospective places of the brothel points etc. These workers also empathise and share their own horror stories with the fresh victims, in order to make them understand that they are not alone in their fight.

Recovery Specs and Ongoing

Over the years since inception, as many as 205 child recoveries were made. 18 victims have been repatriated to their own countries and this year, more than 19 are being repatriated to places like Nepal, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh. A total of 124 cases were booked against traffickers. As many as 288 traffickers are already arrested and 253 victims were produced at the court as primary witnesses. More work is ongoing, with RRP doing round the clock job on a mission.

How Can You Be A Part of Prajwala?

If you are interested in doing your little part for this dynamic NGO, kindly visit their website for complete information

Financial Contributions and Volunteering Activities

You can also involve yourself as a part of this mission, either by contributing finally or becoming their volunteer. More details are available on their website.

Vote For Prajwala, Support The Cause

You can also vote for Prajwala on Facebook. Follow the below link and do your part with #UpgradeYourWorld




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