Virat’s New Best friend is Cooler Than His Captain!!

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Yes, you’ve heard it right. Virat Kohli has found his new bestie in someone who’s way cooler than his own Captain, M S Dhoni. No prizes for guessing there. Ziva Dhoni, the treasured daughter of the Indian team’s captain gets superbly along with nobody else but Kohli.

Virat has undoubtedly been under a lot of radar lately, other than his impeccable first class game of cricket. His break up with girlfriend actress Anushka Sharma came as a shocker to the whole world, with reasons still not known. Virat, who has been desperately seeking peace has now found that in Ziva. The team may be busy playing the T20 World Cup, but they took time out to attend Ziva’s first birthday which was on February 6th. It was at this time that the new bonding was formed.

“Baby Zeeva using my phone and knowing how to handle it. Haha too cute and adorable.
Kids are just unbelievable to be around. You literally switch off from everything looking at their innocence. Love it.”

Virat tweeted a super adorable pic with Ziva, and the whole world went Aww..

The Indian team is all geared up for the semis, and we sure hope that Ziva’s refreshing friendship with Virat will fetch us the World Cup as well as many more wins!




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