Trump Rule Begins – New H – 1B Visa Bill Ends The Great Indian Techie Dream

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The days of billion dollar dreams are over for Indian techies, unless they flaunt a recruitment attestation greater than USD 130,000. POTUS Donald Trump’s mission is now in a full swing to ‘Make America Great Again’ by limiting the overseas entrants from taking over the jobs of his own.

The new H – 1 B legislation that has been introduced in the US House of Representatives calls for doubling the minimum salary of H1 – B Visa holders. This bill will practically make it tougher for the foreign workers to replace American employees.

Everything is now slowly falling in line for the Trump supporters who have voted in majority. The High Skilled Integrity and Fairness Act of 2017 that has been introduced by the Congresswoman of California Zoe Lofgren focusses on market based allocation of visas to the companies that are willing to pay 200% of the wage, eliminating scope for H1 – B entrants with low pay offer letters.

The idea is to remove the per country gap for employment based immigrant visas in order to enforce fairness in the system. This development comes as a huge blow particularly to the Indian techies, who are in majority in the list of overseas skill. Over the decades, Indian immigrants have made their destiny with high paying IT jobs in the United States. The new bill changes everything for aspiring new entrants, clearly.



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