This Funny Video on Udta Punjab is a Must Watch

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Udta Punjab has won the great victory of surpassing the narrow mindedness of the Censor Board. After a long battle between the film’s production unit and CBFC, the Bombay High Court has issued a direct order to stop making ruckus and release the film. Even though the film unit has cleared roadblocks for itself, the funny preposterous move from the Censor Board has created quite a stir among the regular film goers.

Udta Pahlaj, the new video by famous YouTube star Satya is a direct and sane take on the prevailing double standards in the country. The video is a must watch for knowing all the blatant truths, put in a comic way. The Satya Show is well known among the YouTubers, and flaunts a great viewership for its line of unique, engaging and funny video stories. These videos strive to address most social and economic issues that exist in the current times.

The video talks about people sitting on responsible posts with a dual faced approach to addressing issues. This video is both hilarious and enlightening at the same time.

Watch the video Udta Pahlaj here



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