This Amazing Sand Art Video Captures SRK’s Life in 200 Seconds

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He is undoubtedly the hero of the Indian middle class. A simple boy who practically came from nowhere to take over Bollywood and become the ultimate Baadshah. Shah Rukh Khan needs no introduction – superstar of Indian Cinema whose success story is a standing inspiration to millions. He has a million fans. SRK is worshipped by India and the world for his impeccable screen presence and eccentric mannerisms.

There are SRK haters too. But as the saying goes, you can love him or you can hate him, but you simply cannot ignore Shah Rukh Khan!!

This amazing sand art by the famous artist Rahul Arya captures SRK’s life in 200 seconds. A real treat for all the die hard SRK fans.

Thank you. Makes me want to work harder when I see my life flashing past me and I still have enough to create more – Shah Rukh Khan

Go ahead and watch the video!!



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