The Rise of Pichais and Nadellas

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One more time, India shines on the global front. Barely did Google announced of its plans to be subsumed within a new parent company called Alphabet and all the major innovations ahead, all eyes turned at the name that was announced as the new CEO of all new toned down Google – Sundar Pichai.

After Satya Nadella made the country proud with his new role as the CEO of Microsoft, the latest announcement of Pichai Sundararajan taking over Google as its new CEO upped the capabilities of Indian skill set to a whole new level.

Interestingly, both lads from the country belong to a simple working class. Both have exceptional academic reputation with the likes of MITs, IITs, Stanfords and Whartons in their resumes, and both have started from the most humble roots of Indian middle class families.

While the Telugu born Satya Nadella graduated with an engineering from Manipal Instutute of Technology and followed it up with Masters at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Tamil lad Pichai Sundar is an alma mater from IIT Kharagpur who went to scale newer heights with education at Stanford and The coveted Wharton School.

nadella2 The Rise of Pichais and Nadellas

Satya was born into a Telugu speaking family and displayed tremendous passion to constantly build new things. He was very sure of his passion to pursue Computer Science in an era where technology was still making baby steps. His continuous efforts and experience displayed at the companies Sun Microsystems and Microsoft only saw him experiment and innovate with new ideas. It comes as no surprise that Nadella led some major projects within Microsoft, the most popular being that of the latest cloud computing technology.

sundar_pichai_2 The Rise of Pichais and Nadellas

Pichai, on the other hand, grew up in Chennai and went on to earn an IIT. Always sound with academics, Sundar went ahead to study more, apply more in the world of technology and internet. This led him to harness some major achievements working with Google, such as leading projects for Google Chrome and Google OS. Sundar also added up Android to the Google products under his wing. From a product chief to CEO, Larry Page confirmed that he made no mistakes with this exceptional choice.

Two empowering names now the front faces of two of the leading technology and internet giants. India sure feels proud today.



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