Sanskari James Bond Breaks Hearts!!

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Here is the scared and well behaved James Bond – now trending hot on social media as #SanskariJamesBond – a sarcastic hashtag generated as a reaction to the censor board’s decision to trim Daniel Craig’s kissing scenes in his latest James Bond rendition, Spectre. The film released in India this Thursday.

We are all accustomed to the Bond fixation with women and adventure. How he frequently falls on the bed with the best of blondes, brunettes and the exotic. The new brouhaha created over the expected Bond behavior looks like a classy piggy back childishly made follow up to the beef ban.

Ashoke Pandit, a member of the censor board confirmed that the kissing scenes have now been cut, and also diplomatically stated that it was a decision taken in his “personal capacity” under India’s controversial censor board head, Pahlaj Nihalani.

“Yes, this decision [to cut kissing scenes] was taken by Pahlaj Nihalani. He does these kind of things. Other shots have also been cut along with the kissing scene. This seems like a joke. If you do this to a James Bond film, then it’s shameful,” Pandit told the media.

Now, half the Janta throng to the theaters to get a dope of the ‘exotic’ and ‘raw’. If this is what happens to the Bond himself, Bhagwan Bharose!! We tell you.

Here are some interesting images also trending now on Twitter!!

s1 Sanskari James Bond Breaks Hearts!!

When the Bond turned Sanskari and said ‘Namo Namo’

s2 Sanskari James Bond Breaks Hearts!!

Sexy Bond Girl, now a Behenji!!



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