Rohith Vemula’s Social Profile Showed Simple Aspirations in Life

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His name is now trending on social media, taken with rage, sadness, anger towards the system and all such. Late Rohith Vemula, a Dalit scholar researcher from the Hyderabad Central University hanged himself in his hostel room upon being expelled by the campus administration. Rohith was suspended on the grounds of political dispute and creating unrest.

The student community at large has now taken over an angry protest, demanding justice and condemning this act of ‘political interests’ who have actually driven Rohith to his death. Charges of abetment to suicide have been filed on the BJP MP and Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya.

Taking a look at Rohith’s social networking profile will show his deep emotional and intellectual side. Rohith had a flair for voicing against injustice. He followed the footsteps of Babasaheb Ambedkar and also organised and participated in all the events and causes that highlighted the interests of the Dalits and minorities.

rohith2 Rohith Vemula's Social Profile Showed Simple Aspirations in Life

Hanging out with friends, just like another regular guy

The most emotionally striking part about him was his constant nostalgia with his small, modest home in Guntur. Rohith had posted images of his home and also shared about the hardships his mother had faced to raise him, as a tailor. Rohith believed that there was a high degree of unjust treatment prevailing in the system against Dalits and minorities and was not being tackled in an effective manner. His constant associaltions with Dalit unsung heroes and philosophers proves that the young lad was touched by the ongoing irony towards the lower castes.

rohith-home Rohith Vemula's Social Profile Showed Simple Aspirations in Life

“This was the main bread-earner for our home before I started getting JRF….. This is my mom’s favorite occupation…. she used to say “machine” can make women powerful…. she is a teacher now, she teaches sewing and embroidery to the women around….” shared Rohith on one of his social profiles

It is still not known if Rohith had succumbed to such an extreme measure due to the falling system in the country or because of being expelled from the university. There are speculations that he had lost hope after being unable to meet the expectations of his parents who had great dreams about their child.

The story of Rohith Vemula will be remembered for a while, if not forever.





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