Remembering Steve Jobs, The Revolutionary Innovator

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It has been 4 years today since the passing of Steve Jobs. The entire world still lives on with what was left behind by him. His idea of path-breaking technology. Every person who flaunts an iPhone or iPad is actually carrying around Steve’s eternal ideology for a better world using technology.

iPhone has revolutionized the way world operated, using full functionalities of a single phone that became a one stop multi tasker. Jobs’ famous story is quite known to the English speaking world, maybe even beyond. A creative entrepreneur with sheer passion and relentless efforts to bring forth the best of what technology can do to the world, Steve Jobs was not just any other tech junkie in the game. He was the wizard who set the rules for that game.

Jobs’ journey with Apple was nothing short of dramatic idiosyncrasies and overturns. His never changing attitude with what he believed and pushed others to execute got on to people that never understood him. Most would still remember Jobs as a sheer task master, aggressive to the point of irksomeness. But it was this very force that led to the birth of shaking technology that was unknown to the world before. Jobs never believed in half done projects or dreams. His vision was complete and perfect to the hilt. His delegation was ferocious and tiresome on those who undertook the brunt. Jobs made many friends. He made many more enemies to that effect.

After creating a whole new era of gadgets that took over and monopolized the markets to the level of near humiliation on the competition, time had come for Steve to address his severely crushing health issues. His journey of continuous workaholic days sidelined the fact that Jobs went through a massive turmoil ailing with Pancreatic cancer. His dreams were so vast and his quest so deep that Steve Jobs was known to have pushed himself on and on with every breath, until he was forced to go on a leave of medical absence in order to listen to his failing physical body.

Jobs did not quit yet. While Tim Cook ran the shop, Steve continued to be the vital strategic brain behind every project that was being worked on. Imagine a leader who would show up at the iPad2 launch and iCloud keynote, not caring for his sinking disagreeing health condition.

” I have always said if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, i would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come”

These were the words that finally had to come out from Jobs himself on August 24th of 2011, calling in for his ultimate withdrawal from all company operations and running. Still, Jobs went on to work until the day before his death, six weeks after, in October 2011.

Some major learning for all the dreamy entrepreneurs with a plan that works differently for everyday lives, Steve Jobs left a significant impact on human minds and emotions. Every tone of i gadgets resonate Jobs’ passion to deliver nothing but the best. His aggressive taskmanship, his creative onemanship and the guts to dream differently – all these remain as life’s finest lessons to the millions in the present world.

We Miss You, Steve.



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