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If you thought space was confined to fictitious sci-fi plots, a million galaxies, unknown aliens and Mangalyaan sojourn to planet Mars, you are in for a surprise. The space is also accessible for another important component of our present day lives – data. Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), a United States based investment driven non-profit organization developed in 1995 started off an initiative called Outernet, with a sole aim; to give billions of people around the world free internet access.

Outernet Space Lantern
The path breaking innovation of the recent times, Outernet Space Lantern is the revolutionary brainchild of MDIF. This lantern had been invented to receive free data from space. The new inventory phenomenon, which is now the single point focus of the globe is largely pioneered by crowd funding. The belief and hopes to access free data are concrete and ongoing.

How Does The Lantern Work?
The lantern receives radio waves continuously, broadcast by Outernet from space. It then turns these signals into digital files that can be later converted into web pages, videos, music files and any kind of text content.
Currently, access to Outernet needs a satellite dish receiver. Lantern makes it all simpler.
Outernet Lantern – Quick facts

This device can store any kind of digital file on its internal drive.
The user has to just turn on the Wi-Fi and connect to the lantern to access free data

Some advancements
Outernet released a statement in October 2014, which included redesigning of its website and a new platform called Whiteboard. This platform allows any user to suggest a broadcast.

Components of the Outernet Broadcast
The broadcast panel of the Outernet consists of three main components
– The Queue
– Sponsored Content
– Core Archive

Components of the Outernet Lantern
The lantern works with four basic components
– Solar Panels – Long hour battery life with the in-built solar panels. The battery life goes up to 12 hours while passively receiving the data and 4 hours when the Wi-Fi is active.
– LED Indicators – Showing power options of off, standby, receiving data, on Wi-Fi, battery life, signal strength and frequency of data received.
– Input/Output – SMA that enables connecting to LNB, Micro USB Input, Micro SD Card Slot and USB Output
– Plastic Casing – Light weight and trendy design on the exterior. Lantern comes in the size of the flashlight.
Space Lantern – Prospects for Mankind
Technology from Outernet has something for everyone – free broadcast of news updates for farmers, teachers, doctors and emergency communications such as weather alerts, disaster relief etc. The lantern is predictably useful for everyday use like text content, video content, music sharing, information etc.

Important Features of Outernet Lantern
– Self-contained mechanism
– High speed receiver
– Solar powered device
– Weatherproof – stands all conditions while receiving, converting and transmitting the data
– Wireless hotspot to access content

Outernet’s auto financing, crowd funding project
The lantern initiative is currently crowd funded. Plans are on to reach globally and their mission welcomes more investment from all corners of the world. The project has raised as much as $2,00,000 so far and expects to hit $5,00,000 soon.

Mission $5,00,000
If Outernet hits the landmark of $5,00,000, they can increase the data access to 10 MB every day. This data can be accessible to the third world countries that need more free transmission of the content from space.

Lantern for $25
If you want to have this lantern, you will need to pay $25. More and more people now are looking at data options with Outernet invention. People outside US and Canada can also subscribe and take lantern home. Shipping costs included, of course.

The Outernet Foundation – Vision $1,000,000,000
The foundation now looks at a reach of $1 billion as part of their crowd funding campaign in order to reach out to the entire world. The universal information service of both broadcast data and two way internet should be accessible to every man on earth.



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