This is the Number of Times Govts Requested Facebook for User Data in 2016

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Everybody is under the obligation of the governments across the world. Leading social media platform Facebook is not spared as an exception either. As per the reports of 2016, ruling governments across the world have submitted maximum number of requests for data on Facebook users!!

The social platform reckoned for its multi billion dollar success story and highest number of users was easily the primary target for the governments, particularly during election times. Repeated requests were also made to the social portal to take down any kind of sensitive political content, going by the Facebook biannual transparency report.

The data revealed in numbers will simply blow your mind. The data requests from the governments to Facebook increased from 46,710 to 59,229 in the first half of 2016 alone.

US Presidential race proved to be more active on this front. More than half of the above requests came from the US law enforcement,along with an NDA that users will not be notified.

Facebook is trying to enforce more robust policy and mechanism for these data requests. The company now says that it has received close to 3,016 emergency requests too, and the company shared the information only based on specific scenarios such as imminent risk of serious injury or death.

The social platform continues to counter argument with the law enforcement across the world, formulating more stronger policies for the data requests to be entertained.

Source – Mashable



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