“My Vote is NOT For You”, Sings Chennai Rapper for Sasikala

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chennai rapper sofia ashraf

Trust Chennai folks to have amazing sense of timing. Be it any field, they do not stop at coming out with innovative ways to address or describe a situation. The new political drama in the Tamil Nadu state has now become the hot topic for the entire country. The Tamil citizens, on the other hand, are struggling hard to digest the news about Sasikala becoming the next CM. After resorting to all kinds of attacks on the social media, the Sasikala animosity has taken yet another record breaking turn.

This new song by famous rapper from Chennai Sofia Ashraf is now going ballistic with views. “My Vote is Not For You” sings Ashraf, making a direct taunt at the next CM make. Sofia goes on to lament about AIADMK in the song. The number that has been recorded in Tamil is now going viral with 70,000 views across multiple uploads already.

The best part – the rapper sung the song right in front of Poes Garden, the once upon a time residence of a great leader that has turned into a brooding ground for ugly politics.



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