MSD, The Hero of Indian Middle Class

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Highly self motivated, utterly composed and equipped with an undivided focus, a middle class boy from Ranchi made it to the first class International cricket. Yes, this story has been told many times, even in the form of a blockbuster movie. Mahendra Singh Dhoni displayed full potential as a player in the last 9 years and odd months. He now steps down as the captain of the team, after setting a great, unfailing example to the youngsters.

Dhoni is not just about mind blowing accomplishments and admirable leadership. The Captain Cool of the Indian masses who is often seen stepping back and allowing his team to take the center stage is more than sum total of all those amazing numbers on board. MSD is a true hero of Indian middle class. His journey is a powerful tale of realizing dreams,regardless of where one comes from.

MSD’s story does not apply to the game of cricket alone. This saga is for men and women of every walk of life. From dreaming to envisioning and accomplishing, Dhoni inspires people of this generation and amazes the prior. He eschews nay sayers, even nay saying, in his every move as a responsible athlete. Such an amount of preparedness and discipline should truly move even the finest of pessimists in this country.

msd MSD, The Hero of Indian Middle Class

For those who hail from better backgrounds of means and still cannot achieve their true passion, Dhoni shows how stuff is done. Life need not be compromised in a Railway job, proves he. From a simple TTE to nation’s best captain, MSD continues to amaze, mesmerize and conquer.

His biggest strength, a seemingly striking one is the ability to withstand an excruciating amount of pressure. For people in the Indian middle class, money and means is often a matter of concern. To transcend beyond such factors and still rise comes with this sort of innate capability to stay grounded and concentrate. Dhoni’s rocking helicopter shots and wickets in the peak overs of frustration only prove one thing – when you keep your head cool, thoughts happen, ideas prevail and crisis is countered.

msd1 MSD, The Hero of Indian Middle Class

To this day, very few personalities in the arena of sport have moved the Indian middle class to this gamut. Mahendra Singh Dhoni should easily make it to the top 5 in this list. Sad that we do not hang those good old Sportstar posters anymore. For MSD would have taken over every youngster’s bedroom wall in the current times, right after Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid.

To the captain of our times who fetched us a World Cup after 28 years and left some unforgettable lessons. God Bless You MS. Keep inspiring us.



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