Are You Ready to See The Largest Moon in 70 Years?

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Looks like the concept of Karthika Paurnami is going to get more powerful, after all. Supermoon, brightest and the largest form of moon will be visible today, after 70 long years. This moon will be visible throughout the week and will be a spectacle that world gets to see very rarely in their lifetime.

The super moon will first get to North America before their dawn (technically we are ahead of them). The moon will then reach Asia and South Pacific tonight (14 Nov 2016) and will be at its brightest by midnight (Tuesday 12 AM after)
Why Supermoon?
There is a scientific reason behind this, predictably. The moon will show up brightest and closest as it will be coming closer to the Earth along its elliptical orbit, the incident that is happening all the way after January 1948.
What can the viewers expect?
Those who are curious about the size of the Super moon will be delighted to know that Earth’s favorite satellite will be almost 14% larger in diameter and 30 % more brighter. Earthlings will not get to see this spectacle for another 18 years.
NASA predicts that the closest approach will happen at 4 51 PM IST when the moon comes within 221,523 miles, roughly 356,507 kilometers.
You will get to see the new dazzling full moon at 7 22 PM tonight.
So, Kosta and India will get to celebrate Karthika Paurnami this year with the Super Moon.



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