When Kejru’s Doubts on Chillar Got Really Chillar!!

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If there is one political party that gets tad melodramatic on every issue and roams around with a Jaadu in hand, that would be AAP. The party that is supposed to be addressing ongoing pollution problem in Delhi has decided to sweep aside the matter and jump on to the prevailing one.

This video of Arvind Kejriwal asking questions about Rs 2000 note gets as Chillar as it can. The CM of New Delhi goes on and on, asking as to why Rs 2000 note has been introduced. He then talks about common man suffering with such a measure and how those who have already made arrangements with their black money get a safe exit.

Wake up, Kejru. A local Tea Wala makes more than Rs 2000 in a day, in case you have not consulted proper experts. Coming to safe exits of those who have already declared, more is incoming with the counter offensive launched against black money. Wait for the skeletons to come out. We understand that you feel bad to have not come up with such an idea first. Stuff happens.

With due respect, a man who is admired by the educated part of the country should come up with more relevant and important questions that address macro level problems and not micro level Chutta.

This party definitely seems to have problem with every measure taken towards the progress of the nation. Enjoy the video in the meantime.



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