iPhone 8 Rumors Already?!!

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iPhone 7 has been launched only days ago, and the rumors are already afloat about the next version. What will iPhone 8 look like? What’s is actually happening? These and many more, the 8th version of the most aspired phone in the world is already doing rounds.

For the start, iPhone 7 was launched in the midst of a sizable criticism, particularly for its missing headphone jack. People are slowly getting used to that, while the iPhone 8 buzz took off.

Here are some of the rumours to get started!!

What will the iPhone 8 look like?
Apply does not even know yet, but it is presumed that the company is testing more than 10 prototypes at the moment!!

Apple is now expected to come with a complete redesign with its 8th version. This is because iPhone8 will mark the device’s 10th anniversary in the year 2017.

Anticipated features of Apple’s iPhone 8

Curved screen that extends to the edges
iPhone without its iconic home button
Wireless charging
iPhone 8 could return back to its glass and metal design
Could be a reminiscent of iPhone4 and 4S

So, with all the above assumptions making news, the users are best left to guess the final design in their heads!!

Source – Mashable UK

What will iPhone8 Look Like



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