When Hollywood Went High on WEED!!

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Hollywood sure knows how to stay high, be in the news or on weed. We may not be talking about the literal dope here but the famous sign in LA read the very same for a brief while, creating sensation.

It all happened when a prankster managed to successfully change the iconic sign of HOLLYWOOD into HOLLYWEED, vandalizing the property. The LAPD has confirmed that a vandal, who is probably a man, used tarps to change the Os into Es, creating disruption and chaos.

The police managed to catch the face of the suspect on the security footage between midnight and 2 AM local time. The cops, however, have failed to establish a clear identity because of the dark and pertinent raining.

The sign has been now restored to HOLLYWOOD, after the police have taken down the tarps. This is the second such time that the sign has been vandalized to read as HOLLYWEED, the first time being in the year 1976.



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