Hillary and DJT, Thank You For The Entertainment!!

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India got addicted to TV sets and breaking news over the last few months. No, this is not about national news. The entire country got hooked on to the most watched political campaign and presidential election in the world. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump walked into our lives, entered our minds and possessed our spirits.

Perhaps one of the most entertaining Presidential race in the history of United States, the Hill-DJT battle had transcended continents and glided past the seas. This race should have reached out to every civilization in the world. India has never been so obsessed, not even with the Indian politics in the recent times. Citizens took sides, got personal with opinions and sometimes came to blows over arguments, taking sides with the candidates.

United States politics, on the other hand, got unimaginably dramatic. The presidential election this time is nothing short of a K Jo’s Bollywood flick, where boy-girl fights happen in a nasty and platonic manner. The girl here also sports a short hairdo like Kajol in Karan Johar’s film, and the guy is as super eccentric as the on screen Rahul played by SRK. There were other moments too, when Donald Trump tried doing the famous line of our country – Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkaar!!

hill Hillary and DJT, Thank You For The Entertainment!!

After huge doses of entertainment, it all came to a boring end. There is no more waking up early just to watch the debate. Presidential win this time sent shock waves across US as well as India. Donald Trump, the most loathed and hated candidate is now officially the President elect of the United States. Contrary to all the data predictions and views, DJT’s win swept the nation and shook the stock markets. The super power country that often stars the likes of Harrison Ford in the Hollywood films is still trying to come to terms with the reality as we speak.

Also, the win reminds us so much of the massive unanimous win by BJP in our own democracy the recent elections. Whether or not US politics have implemented best sharing practices from the East, the result proves that sentiments prevailed over systems this time.

Well, no matter how this will be perceived, we wish the 45th President of the United States great new innings and thank Hillary for standing up like a warrior woman. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank both the famous personalities for the entertainment they have offered us during the last few months.

We will so miss those debates!!



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