Coconada Annadana Samajam – Feeding the Hungry Students With A Large Heart

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Blessed is the hand that feeds a hungry stomach. Cocanada Annadana Samajam, a 117 year old administration on Cinema Road, Kakinada has been doing the same relentlessly over the decades. The foundation has been established by the great Raja of Pithapuram, and has been filling the stomachs of millions ever since.

Till day, students from poor financial background and needy are seen waiting patiently in queue in front of the Samajam, eager to have a full meal. The visitors are allowed between 12 20 PM and 2 30 PM every day. Several volunteers from the Endowments Department serve meals to the hungry souls, with a simple meal of Rice, Dal, Sambar and Majjiga (Buttermilk).

Several poor and non-local students from nearby colleges in Kakinada come by and eat to their heart’s content.

Balla Neelakantham, Excecutive Officer at the Endowments Department confirmed that the foundation serves as many as 150 students every single day. Even several other street vendors wanting to eat are welcomed inside too. The Samajam also sends packed lunches to the 25 inmates at Vimukti Leprosy Colony.

Coconada Annadana Samajam also accepts generous contributions from the large hearted philanthropists to keep the show running.

Back in the day, The Maharaja of Pithapuram had donated huge lands and properties to the Coconada Annadana Samajam. Lot of effort is now being made to upkeep the cause that is coming down the centuries.

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Sri Cocanada Annadana Samajam

Address: Suryanarayana Puram, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh 533001

Phone:0884 236 3095



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