Blind Beggar From Madhya Pradesh Stuns The Country With His 500 and 1000 Notes

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PM Narendra Modi’s surgical strike on black money has badly hit the filthy rich. Apparently, the counter offensive has proved to be a disaster to another super elite class in India – beggars.

The first example of its kind practically stuns the nation. A blind beggar from Dewas in Madhya Pradesh has approached the head Sarpanch of his village with bundles of notes. The beggar claimed that those were his life long savings. The beggar’s money totaled to Rs 98,000 and was completely split into Rs 500 and 1000 notes!!

The beggar tried out an interesting strategy all these days. He gave away all the money to his friends in parts, asking them to hoard the notes safely. After the PM announced sudden ban, his friends got back to him with his notes, fearing that authorities will arrest them. And now, the beggar had no choice but to declare and confide with the village Sarpanch stating his situation.

It is not clearly known as to what action will be taken next. The beggar claims that the notes are his savings. The village Panchayat is now discussing the matter with the bank officials in order to arrive at a possible solution.



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