Ariadna Gutierrez, the Real Miss Universe in Spirit

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“After the storm comes the calm. I want to thank each of the people who have sent me messages of support and strength! Each of you are incredible human beings and I am the luckiest woman in the world to have the support not only of one country but of the world! The destiny of every person on this planet is already written, and mine is this. I could give the joy of being ‪#‎MissUniverse‬ to my country only for a few minutes, today thanks to that COLOMBIA and the LATIN community sounds in every corner of the planet. I want to congratulate all Filipinos for their new #MissUniverse ? the joy you must be feeling is huge !!! ? life goes on and we each know why things happen in our lives.”

ariadna Ariadna Gutierrez, the Real Miss Universe in Spirit

Miss Columbia Ariadna Gutierrez Returning the Crown After She was Mistakenly Named Miss Universe. Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach Watches on

The very words from the woman who was mistakenly named the Miss Universe this year and was asked to return the crown in under a minute. The Miss Universe contest, one of the most reputed beauty pageants that is held at a global level saw a sheer debacle happen this time around, when Ariadna was announced as the Miss Universe at first. Presenter Steve Harvey fumbled later, after announcing a wrong result by mistake. As Miss Columbia beamed and shed tears of joy and celebrated the moment, Harvey came on to the stage like a villain in a play  and announced that ‘there has been a mistake’. He showed the result clearly written on the result card, clarifying that it was Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach who was the winner and not Ariadna Gutierrez. There was a certain degree of shock and amazement that came not only from the two girls, but the audience as such.

Winning a beauty contest is no mean task, be it Miss Andhra or Miss Universe. The girls who dream of a fairy tale life full of avenues and fortune that comes with winning the title work rather hard to keep up with the competition. Beauty and body are just the pre-requisite components, while the main thing that is judged turns out to be what’s inside the mind and heart of the deserving candidate.

Ariadna Gutierrez did just that. After experiencing an open humiliation in front of the world and on National TV, Miss Columbia rose higher than the rest of the mortals. She went on to congratulate her competition and gracefully returned the Crown. The girl displayed superb side of her personality that spoke about facing the adversities right on and going on in life. What Ariadna Gutierrez did, i wonder how many beauty queens can pull off such a feat in real situations.

After watching the Sushmita Sens and Aishwarya Rais sashaying the red carpet with mind blowing beauty and impeccable aura as a little girl, I had often wondered what it means to be a Miss Universe or Miss World. The question that was roaming inside my head was answered only lately by Ariadna Gutierrez. Being the most beautiful woman in the world means standing up against the failures and actually, really, tackling them.

Miss Gutierrez, please take a bow for how you have coped and made a statement. This is really very magnanimous, even more so than grabbing a tacky role in a Bollywood film or roaming around New York City with Miss Universe earnings. You have simply set an example for future young women who would willingly fill your shoes as the runners up.




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