This Andhra Guy Wins The Girl After Being Fully Filmy!!

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You have heard of films being inspired by real life incidents. But, have you ever heard of a real life incident that seems to have been inspired from films? Well, This is exactly what happened when a Vizag guy literally gate crashed his girl friend’s engagement ceremony and swept her as well as her family off their feet. The whole incident happened in a filmy style and the story has gone viral on the internet and the press.

Ok, so here is how it unveiled. Yes, stuff like this happens!!

The setting for the event was a village near Hyderabad named Bakkanapalem and the day was Saturday. Apparently it was the engagement ceremony of a young couple.

Here comes a flashback. The girl in question was in love with a guy. But both sets of parents disapproved of the union. The girl’s parents went ahead and fixed her marriage with another guy.

Back to the present, the engagement ceremony was about to begin, when the girl’s boyfriend entered the scene with full gusto. In front of the whole crowd, he went down on his knees and professed his love for the girl. The girl too went ahead and confessed her feelings. As was expected, the groom’s side was extremely furious and they stormed off from the function.

Now, the guy i.e. the boyfriend sat down the girl’s parents and convinced them to let their daughter marry him. After a lot of discussion, the girl’s parents finally gave in. The guy’s parents were also called to the venue and were convinced.

So, all said and done, both set of parents finally agreed to the alliance and blessed the couple. Now isn’t this filmy?

What this incident brings to our mind is a popular dialogue from the King of Romance, Shahrukh Khan’s film Om Shanti Om. Didn’t he say that when one is really passionate about getting something, the whole universe chips in to make it happen? Well, this is exactly what has happened in the case of our filmy Andhra guy and his lady love.

Here’s wishing the couple lots of love and happiness in their lives.



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