Airbus Experimenting on Their ‘Flying Car’ Prototypes

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Those who would have wildly contemplated the possibility of flying cars to beat the growing traffic are possibly going to see that happen. World’s leading aircraft maker Airbus has recently divulged plans surrounding flying car innovation.

European aircraft maker of global repute stated that their flying car prototypes are now in the stage of experimentation, and the testing would likely commence by the end of 2017.

The plans sound and feel as revolutionary as possible – the main agenda is to address the gridlock traffic problems. The aircraft giant intends to make a multi seat vehicle that can be booked using an app, just like typical ride sharing services offered by Ola and Uber. These cars will take off, just like helicopters. They will also land vertically for a convenient urban use. Airbus is investing into innovation with autonomous driving and artificial intelligence, in order to stay ahead in the industry.

Airbus CEO Tom Enders shared the plans in detail while speaking at the DLD tech conference in Munich. He said that the company is taking this particular development rather seriously and the end of the year goal will be to ready these vehicles for mass production by the year 2021.

Urban Air Mobility, a separate division was formed within the company in order to work on this project.

Time to bring the transport above ground, looks like.



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