5 Lessons Learnt From Virat Kohli in India Vs Australia

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Now, he is called the ‘New God of Indian Cricket’. Pretty obvious, going by the way he has been continuously chasing big scores in the international arena, smashing the balls out of the stadium. Virat Kohli, the new Sachin of Indian cricket has left a remarkable impression in the ongoing T20 World Cup. His thunderbolt knock against the Australians last night proved only one thing – there is absolutely no stopping Kohli from here on.

Virat Kohli sets a new trend to the young cricketers following his lead. His performance at Mohali yesterday had not only driven India to be comfortably placed in the Semi Finals, but has left some priceless lessons to those who have watched him play.

Five striking lessons learnt from Virat Kohli’s batting in the last night’s match. If that chase is still reeling inside your head, this is definitely worth a read.

Keep going even after a nasty break up

The young lad is actually going through a personally trying phase. Post the super controversial break up with his Bollywood star girlfriend Anushka Sharma, Virat had been having a turbulent personal time. Not more than a month ago, he was seen dancing away at socialite friend’s Mumbai birthday bash, trying to cope. Looks his real healing lies in the game of cricket. And he had made good use of the pain and turned it into a weapon of mass destruction.

Convert your pain into an advantage

Play Your Game with Focus, not aggression

Virat played a gentleman’s cracker of a game last night. There was no aggression there, only head down and focus. It is important to focus than feel chaotic during the pressure situations. Virat proved that through and through.

When you tackle the situation with focus, results follow.

Make your goal Very Important

All through the match, Kohli’s only goal was to score those 161 runs for his team. He was unfazed with the falling wickets on the other end. With the support of his captain cool, Virat kept playing, hitting and running till the board showed the runs moving. At the end, he felt exhausted and overwhelmed, just as soon as the goal was reached.

Make your goal the most important of all things and you will get there.

Understand and Act

In the game of cricket, it is very essential to understand the plight and act accordingly. After being thrashed by the Aussies in the first innings, things looked heavily dicey for India with constant setbacks. Most of the batsmen did not deliver as expected. Virat understood the situation and his position that time.

In life, it is important to understand and realise where we stand and act accordingly.

Let not the Fear Take Over

If we were to go by the situation last night, Virat Kohli would have been easily rattled. His immensely admirable pragmatic approach playing sensible cricket proved that nothing was going to affect him. Not even the monstrous Aussie bowlers who were trying to get him at every possible ball. He was surrounded, but definitely not cornered.

Let the fear NOT take over your mind. Keep playing your game till the end.

These are some of the valuable lessons left by Virat Kohli last night. The lessons are inspiring and noteworthy. India looks comfortably placed to play the semi-finals, all thanks to Kohli. Three cheers to him!!




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