14 Septembers After 9/11- A Tribute

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It has been 14 years exactly, ever since the disaster struck the United States of America. Two planes crashed into the mighty twin towers of the World Trade Center. Nearly 3000 lives were lost despite the heavy efforts made with rescue operations that day. The incident shook the world as such. India was not very far off, deeply saddened with the news.

World Trade Center was the biggest hub of financial operations in the middle of Manhattan. Employees went to work that dreadful morning, like any other day. Little was expected of what was coming, when the first air plane American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into North Tower. Barely minutes later, another carrier United Airlines Flight 175 hit the Southern Tower. Both towers suffered explosion and burning, and collapsed one after the other after a span of one hour. The brave firefighters did all they could, rescuing as many people as they possibly can. The horrifying cries of agony during the attack, the rubble and the falling victims from the buildings remains fresh in the memory.

attack 14 Septembers After 9/11- A Tribute

Building of new towers on the Ground Zero was a message sent by the superpower called United States to the terrorists – “We will not back down with your threats”. The new construction began and after 11 years, the new World Trade Center called One World Trade Center or Freedom Tower and 7 World Trade Center have been readied. Three other high rise buildings, a museum and memorial in honor of 9/11 victims have also been built in the premises. The new towers are not built on the exact same spot but away from where the twin towers stood earlier.

The National September 11 Memorial and Museum is in the foreground with the museum to the left.

New WTC – Robust Security and Maintenance

The new World Trade Center is now considered both safe and expensive, with businesses opening up slowly within. The whole of site is under intense surveillance by local and federal anti-terrorism squads. Every delivery vehicle and bus entering the network of underground service roads will pass through the $700 million Vehicle Security Center, which has yet to open.Greenwich Street, the newly opened north-south route through the site, will be limited to pedestrians because of a fear of car bombs.

obs-deck 14 Septembers After 9/11- A Tribute

There exists an innate fear inside the hearts still. But they are more than willing to open up and move on to understand the ground realities of life. New Yorkers and the rest are slowly getting adjusted to the presence of new World Trade Center. The tower’s observation deck has been opened for the patrons to soak in the feeling.

The sheer grit and resilience of the United States came on to prove that world will see the WTC rising and shining in the coming days.

In memory of all the 9/11 Victims.



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