Rs 100 Notes, Bringing Indian Families Together Like Never Before!!

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The Demonetization drive has impacted the country in a rather strong way. Perhaps one of the biggest counter offensive launched against corruption, PM Narendra Modi’s strategy is not only tapping the previously hard to track black money, but is making the country turn towards complete digitization. India is going purely cashless, thanks to the lack of liquid money in circulation.

But that’s not all. Demonetization is also bringing most Indian families together in its own sweet fashion. All out of nowhere, Rs 100 notes have become very important. These currency notes are building relationships, improving the connect between a son and his in laws. The much in demand Rs 100 notes have now become the Shubh Shagun in the Indian families.

The new trend is soon picking up where the in laws are gifting Rs 100 notes in bulk as a birthday present to their son in law or daughter in law. This approach is fetching more warmth as compared to the usual lavish surprises.

Exchanging Rs 100 notes is no more a protocol. This move is bringing people in the families together. This is one way of standing by each other and helping in need. Cash crunch is slowly being addressed by more effective payment methods and transactions, but the personal touch rendered by Rs 100 notes remains.

Even though we all are going purely digital and more efficient, the small phase of Rs 100 notes being exchanged between family members has proved to be a sign of love and empowerment. Here is to the many great manifestations of demonetization!!



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