Want To Stay Fit? Then Stop Counting The Calories

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As per the new findings by the health researchers in United States, counting calories does not help fight obesity or weight management. Stopping it does.

The health experts now argue about the levels of anxiety gathered by an individual while keeping that weight watch at a close range. This not only does not effect one’s mental health, but also causes other lifestyle diseases like stress, food cravings and depression.

Instead of spending time counting calories, one must focus on eating a healthy diet. Individuals who change their diet and lifestyle to better can see immediate results as compared to those who are constantly battling the weight gain.

A recent study also indicates healthy lifestyle and active regime decreasing chances of heart diseases, strokes and diabetes.

Say Goodbye to Trans fat Today!!

The health experts now say complete NO to trans fat in your diet. People who eat zero trans fat have healthier and active bodies that absorb the foods completely instead of storing fat.



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