Three Amazing Short Hair Styles For Summer

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Short hair is a style in itself, but did you know that there is more that can be done with a hair that can barely tie into a plait? Styling short hair is an interesting mix of art and science, and our girl Deepica Mutyala puts it forth in the most understandable terms.

Styling short hair requires a little bit of patience and a lot of understanding. For the busy ladies who do not have time, this short tutorial by Deepica is a God sent.

Learn from Deepica Mutyala to style your short hair in three amazing ways this summer. You will feel a little more fresh with those strands in place, especially during the scorching heat.

How to Style Short Hair 3 Different Ways – This video will have Deepica using some of the international brands and products. You may want to follow the art while switching to the near close products that are available in India.


Walk away in style with these three amazing short hair styles this summer!



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