Strange Findings About Pregnancy in Young Women

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Some of us remember our mothers and grandmothers telling us how healthy it is to get pregnant in the early twenties. But now, a recent medical study by Columbia University Medical Center in New York City proves the age old saying slightly wrong.

As per the new study that was conducted, pregnancy in younger women may increase the risk of stroke, as compared to the conceiving mothers in their thirties.

The root cause of this is the possible occurrence of pre-eclampsia, which causes various kinds of threats during pregnancy, including high blood pressure.

In the study that was conducted, five strokes in women under the age of 35 were due to pregnancy. However, the study may not be completely accurate and is purely circumstantial and statistics driven.

The increased instances of stroke has however triggered a new reason for research in the recent times. In India, growing number of health complications during the time of pregnancy are evident. Medical experts also cite unhealthy lifestyle to be one of the prime reasons for the surge.



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